Master the Art of French Sauces!


Sauce it up! Learn the fundamentals of the world's great classic French sauces. Shelley Wiseman teaches this class and dives deep into her extensive knowledge and experience to teach you how to improve every dish with the perfect sauce. This class ends in a meal featuring the sauces covered in the class.

On the docket:
Fish Stock
Egg Yolk-Based; Bearnaise, Custard (Creme Anglaise)
Roux-Based; Bechamel (White Sauce), Classic Velouté
Wine-Based Reduction Sauces; Mushroom Reduction Sauce, Modern Velouté, Beurre Blanc
Sample menu:
Cheese Soufflé or Cream Soup (béchamel)
Slow-Roasted Salmon with Seasonal Vegetables (Béarnaise, Beurre Blanc, Veloute)
Caramel Ice Cream