Comparative Wine Pairing Dinner!

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An Entertaining Comparative Wine Pairing Dinner with Radio Personality/Sommelier Carol A. Berman of Class in a Glass and Chef Shelley Wiseman

When shopping for wine, how do you know that you are actually getting a great bottle? Do you shop by attractive label or do you shop by a reputable importer? This class will help you to navigate the wine aisles more effectively. 

This is a comparative class. We will taste four sets of wines:two selections of each grape varietal. The wines will be tasted blind. Attendees will try to guess which of our wines were purchased by the average consumer (Shelley) or by an educated consumer (Carol). In the classroom, we will play "WHAT'S MY WINE" to discover who's wines were better choices and discuss the reasons behind the conclusions. Each wine set will be paired with a course prepared by Shelley. Guaranteed to be tasty fun!