The Art of Recipe Writing

 JJ, in the kitchen

JJ, in the kitchen

One of the first classes we plan to teach is the art of recipe writing, because we know this has happened to you! 

The table is set. Your guests are well wined and hungry. You flip through your cookbooks, double checking just how long that soufflé should be in the oven when you realize the recipe doesn’t even tell you when to take it out. Frantic, you open the oven door to find that it has either exploded or shrunk to a pancake.

You curse the gods of the kitchen and the publishers of cookbooks and crumple yourself into a corner. Dinner is ruined.

And it wasn’t even your fault.

Poorly written recipes are everywhere you look these days. The internet is the worst culprit, but even published pages are full of mistakes. I spent a few minutes talking with food writer JJ Goode on The Splendid Table about the technical art of recipe writing and what you should look for in a recipe to make sure it works!

Check it out here!

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