We've been feeling pretty cozy this February, mostly due to a whole side of pig from Double Brook Farm!

 7 1/2 hour roast...

7 1/2 hour roast...

Last fall our friend Bryan Mayer came to visit us. Bryan is an expert artisan butcher and once in a while he stops by the farm to teach an incredible butchery class. He carves as whole animal (most recently, a deer) into chops and roasts and steaks, seemingly with no effort at all. When he taught our whole animal pig class, he forgot his saw, which meant he had to go real old school.

Bryan expertly removed every bone (ribs and all) from the side of the animal, then trimmed a little skin and rolled belly, rib meat, loin, and tenderloin up into a 20 pound meat cylinder known in the Italian Countryside as a Porchetta.

This month, we thawed it out, brined it for 2 days, rubbed it with fennel seed and other spices and roasted it for 7 1/2 hours until it completely gave up the fight. A few minutes under the broiler to crisp the skin and we carved it up for our Farm to Table Dinner. Yum.

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