Detox Sundays - July 27th - Herbal Detox Dinner


Detox Sundays - July 27th - Herbal Detox Dinner


This interactive workshop and dinner includes; a 30 minute detox yoga class in the farm fields with Certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach Haley Knauer; a 1 hour hands-on "clean-eating" cooking class with Chef Ian Knauer; and a sit-down dinner using produce and herbs from the garden and grass-fed meats from the farm. This is NOT a vegetarian cooking class, but you'll be eating a lot of veggies. Byob. Byom (yoga mat). 11:30 am at Tullamore Farms in Stockton, NJ. Kids come free!

Sample Menu:

-Lavander-Honey Infused Tea

-Parsley-Mint-Cherry Tomato Salad

-Tons of Herbs with Seasonal Vegetables

-Bay Leaf & Thyme Rubbed Grass-Fed Beef

-Lemon Verbena & Yogurt Panna Cotta

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