French Techniques Full Course Discount Spring 2018

French Techniques Full Course Discount Spring 2018


In this series of classes, designed as a continuation of our Level 1 course, we cover more advanced and complex methods of modern cooking techniques! Shelley Wiseman teaches this class and covers in-depth cooking. This 6 day course takes place once a week and builds from beginning to end. Receive a discount by signing up for all 6 courses. 

Learn consommé, bisque, demi glace, beurre blanc, veloute, torte, pate de campagne, and so much more. Each day's lunch menu will reflect the technique's covered in class and are geared toward fall and winter ingredients.

This series of classes is being taught Sunday evenings. BYO!

Class 1 - (3/25): Brown Veal Stock (make), French onion soup, Blanquette de Veau, salad and cheese course, dessert soufflé

Class 2 (4/8): Consommé Double, demi-glace, glace, beef in red wine sauce or a la moelle, caramel ice cream with candied orange zest, gravlax

Class 3 (4/15): gravlax (eat), Roast poussins or cornish game hens with lavender-thyme butter and sauternes jus, French chocolate torte

Class 4 (4/29): Lobster Bisque, lobster glace, Salt baked branzino with buerre blanc sauce, braised fennel, Sorbet

Class 5 (5/6): Savory Souffles, Duck Breasts with Seasonal Sauce, Lemon mousse, tuiles, make Country Terrine for class 6

Class 6 (5/13) - Country Terrine with Onion Marmalade, Bouillabaisse, Oeufs a la Neige

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