Homesteading- Fall Series 2017

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Homesteading- Fall Series 2017


In our homesteading series we cover baking, cheese making, sausages from scratch and basic butchering, smoking, preserving, and much more. Join us for the whole series at a discount or just for the classes that work for you! Welcome home! These classes end in a meal based around the food we make. BYO!

Class 1: Bread Baking (9/15/17)

Basic white and wheat doughs, Baguettes and Pan d`Epi, Flatbreads, Rolls and Breadsticks.

Class 2: Pickling and Preserving (9/22/17)

Join us and learn the basic of pickling and preserving several types of vegetables.

Class 3: Bacon and Sausage (10/12/17)

Make your own organic and fresh cured meats! Learn to prepare and case your own sausages and make fresh bacon!

Class 4: Cheese Making (10/19/17)

Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese. A meal based on the cheeses we make including dessert!

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