Solstice Biodynamic Wine Paired Dinner- Sept 21st, 6pm

Solstice Biodynamic Wine Paired Dinner- Sept 21st, 6pm


As wonderful as it is to dine eating fresh, clean-farmed produce, it is as important to sip wines that are also made from grapes, which are clean-farmed. This means that the grapes are grown in vineyards which use natural growing methods instead of chemicals in the vine production. Biodynamic farming is another method which uses Mother Nature’s natural rhythms, and focuses on the entire vineyard as an ecosystem. 

The cost for food portion of this dinner is $95.The wine portion (approximately $25) will be charged separately by our wine shop partner Wonderful World of Wines in Lambertville. We will collect your payment for the wines the night of the dinner. Just come and enjoy!

Tonight’s menu (Based on seasonal availability)

Gravlax crostini Corn Soup with Seared Scallops, tarragon/chives

Stuffed bell peppers with olives, feta, and cherry tomatoes on a bed of zucchini

Seared Skirt steak with Shishito peppers and potato gratin

Fresh figs and pears, with concord grape syrup and Fresh Ricotta

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