Cooking VacationS

Travel to The Farm Cooking School! 


Jul 10th-14th 2017

This 5 day culinary trip to The Farm Cooking School in the beautiful Delaware Valley includes everything you need to know for creative freedom in the kitchen: knives skills, culinary techniques (searing, braising, roasting, fish sous vide, poaching, and grilling) and a variety of seasonal desserts based on egg techniques (custard, ice cream, meringue...). A full three course meal will be created in each of 6 classes and enjoyed leisurely at the end. 
Enjoy breakfast on your own at your accommodations (see under "contact" for a list of local accomodations) or at one of the many great local cafes before heading to the cooking school, which is located on an organic farm run by Roots to River. We will have the opportunity to pick fruits and vegetables either on the farm or near by to use in the classes. Classes will take place 4 mornings and 2 evenings, all followed by a leisurely sit down meal. Classes will use Roots to River organic vegetables, award-winning local meats, and sustainable seafood. 

After morning classes, enjoy an insider's look at various local farms and businesses including a coffee roastery in Lambertville, a premium ice cream shop in Princeton with a demonstration of the creation of an unusual flavor, and a walk through the brewing process at a Brewery in New Hope, PA, and a private dinner on an award winning livestock farm. 

The cost per person is $1,950 including 6 cooking classes, lunch and dinner except 1 free evening, afternoon excursions/demonstrations, and a copy of both Ian's The Farm and Shelley's Just Tacos cookbooks. Antique lovers can enjoy the many Antique shops in Lambertville, NJ and the Wednesday early morning flea market nearby.

This class is designed for adults over 21. Please let us know if you will require transportation.


Aug 7th-11th 2017

This culinary week will utilize the August bounty of Roots to River Farm Organic Vegetables  on and near the school's property and fruits from local orchards as the main inspiration for our menus. The produce will be a foil for various homemade pastas, flat breads made in our pizza oven, and tacos made with homemade corn and flour tortillas, so there are many useful techniques to learn. We will be picking from the fields, cooking, and preserving the fruits and vegetables. We will also be using them to enhance sustainably fished and locally raised meat dishes, so the week is not entirely vegetarian (if you are a vegetarian let us know and we will acommodate you). 

The Farm Cooking School is set on a farm on the New Jersey side of the Delaware river by the town of Lambertville, a stones throw from the equally beautiful Bucks County in Pennsylvania (and the town of New Hope). This farm studded area gives New Jersey the name of The Garden State and the stone houses and bucolic windy roads on both sides of the river have a distinctly European feel. We rival the Hudson Valley for its bounty of small farms, and will visit several of them, as well as the towns, in the course of the week. 

Participants can choose from a variety of local Inns and Airbnb's (not included; options are listed under the contact tab) to stay in. There will be at least 6 classes at the school and various demos at other culinary venues and farms. All classes are followed by a sit down meal (BYOB) to savor the fruits of your labor and all meals are included except one free evening. 

The cost of the week is $1,950 all inclusive except wine and one free evening. Please let us know if you will need transportation once you get here. Lambertville is a two hour bus ride from The Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, which also stops at Newark Airport for pick ups and drop offs, and Philadelphia is 30 to 45 minutes by car.